It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and nerve to never take no for an answer.


Here you will find examples of Natalie’s recent  work for her Visual Communications class she’s taking at Drake. This class included working with Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Adobe, and digital cameras.










The above photo was for our first Photoshop assignment, which involved shooting a picture of ourselves against a green-screen, and then taking that green-screen image and placing it onto a new background. This was a meticulous process, involving many hours of detail orientation and creative thinking. I had to first select a theme for my picture: in this case, I decided to place myself into a Bud Light commercial, since I was wearing a Bud Light shirt. Then, I had to use Photoshop tools to create a new background and get rid of the existing green-screen background. Once this was done, I was able to successfully place myself on top of the Bud Light bin, creating an entirely new take on the original advertisement.


These two environmental photos were taken as part of our first assignment in class: a photo scavenger hunt with specific instructions on how to frame each image. The two photos above were my favorite photos that I took, and were even featured in class as examples of some of the best student work from this assignment. Finding and taking excellent photos for this assignment took many days of shooting and and editing, to make sure the focus of each image was clear and defined.

The three images above that show text on top of a photo were part of our Font Play assignment. Objectives of this assignment were to find and download a fascinating and original font from an external website,

After finding a font that piqued our interests, we chose an image that illustrated or went along with the font. For example, the “Bright’ text appears in lights, so I chose decorative lights to further “describe” the text I chose.

This final image was for our Poster project, where we found a current upcoming event in the Des Moines area and created an advertising poster for this event. On the poster, we included the title of the event, when it is occurring, who is putting it on, and contact information at the bottom of the poster. Posters were created using Photoshop, and took much time to complete, paying close attention to detail of making sure the graphics on the poster matched the event.